Sell event tickets, charge entrance fees, all without provision.

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What is Ticklio used for?

Ticklio is an all-inclusive ticketing platform that every event organizer needs. It is fast, safe and it can include all established payment methods (bank transfer, credit cards, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc). It can be used by sports clubs that host multiple matches per season, event organizers that provide us all with regular entertainment, seminar organizers that are repeated multiple times per week, or by someone with a just one-time gig.

You organize the gig, and we’ll make sure that your tickets selling system will work and will be optimized!

Features of Ticklio

Ticklio is fast growing platform for selling tickets with numerous features.

The cost of setting up the system
Maintainence costs
Fixed fee for every ticket you sell
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5 Different User Experiences

Because our platform is based on interoperability, and covers different profile of users, we have 4 unique user experiences. Check them out below!

Customer view

From the customers point of view, the main features to point out are:

  • Simplicity and intuitive design
  • Multiple payment methods
  • They can pick their seats themselves (if those seats are still available)

Admin panel view

From event organizers point of view our platform solves much more complex problems:

  • Easy mapping and seat locking (if you don’t want a certain seats or whole sections of the venue to be sold (e.g. are for VIP guests))
  • Better overview of the tickets sold and seats that were taken
  • Better security measures, as the security guard on the entry point just scans the QR code
  • Can be supplemented with selling at the venue

Point of Sale view

POS or “Point of Sale” is the time and the place where a purchase is completed, usually a physical store, a booth, or a stall. Our platforms advantages are:

  • We can use our developed API that connects with most accounting softwares
  • Security measures that make every transaction in accordance with the law
  • Straightforward and intuitive design

  • POS part of the platform is really easy to get used to

Check in view

Our platform makes checking in the attendees really easy. The flow is really simple and pretty straightforward:

  • The attendee shows up at the venue and approaches the entry point with his/hers ticket either printed or on the phone
  • The Security guard / Receptionist / Other person reviewing the tickets, scans the QR code to see if the ticket was already used and/or it is actually real
  • If the ticket is real and unused, the attendee enters the venue and is pointed to his/hers seat

  • Time to enjoy the show / match!


From the ticket’s point of view, the main features to point out are:

  • Tickets can be printed or used from a smart device
  • QR Code can be scanned with smartphone and can not be used again
  • POS – you can go green – send tickets to client email or put multiple ticket on one preformatted A4 paper
  • You can print seasonal tickets by yourselves


One of the best aspects of our platform is that it is fully customizable. Everything you need can be in the colors of your company image, your venue can be mapped out so the images will fit the location, all entry and exit points can and will be taken in mind, and you will even be able to customize your tickets. The only part where we will hold you back is when something is specifically required by law and our system (such as the name of the event, seats, entry, and of course a unique QR code). Besides that, the world is your oyster!

Future Updates

Until 2023

  • APIs to automatically connect CRMs
  • APIs to connect website and login into other CMS
  • Email notification system
  • Internal CRM
  • Login and Register via our System for your Clients
  • Apple Wallet and Android Wallet integration


  • Build a platform that can connect multiple event organizers
  • Loyalty & Reward system
  • Connect with your Clients part
  • Smart segmentation of users
  • Further monetize your Customers with special discounts and smart offers