At Ticklio, we understand the importance of smoothly orchestrating memorable sporting events. Whether you’re organising a high-octane championship, or simply a community tournament, our cutting-edge hosting solutions are tailored to meet your every need. With a passion for precision and a commitment to excellence, we provide a platform where athletes shine, spectators cheer and unforgettable moments unfold.

Why use Ticklio for sporting events

Although Ticklio is a versatile event management solution, there are a few key features
that are particularly suited to sports event management.

Game-Changing Partnerships

KK Janče

Miha Krt

We at KK Janče are excited about using Ticklio to sell tickets at our basketball matches. It is an extremely efficient and advanced platform that has made the whole ticketing process easier for us. From the very beginning we were impressed with the easy user experience the system offers.

The platform is intuitive and easy to use and has enabled fast and smooth ticket sales. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised by the customisation possibilities the system offers to event organisers. The possibility to customise tickets according to different sectors of the hall, different price ranges and other specific requirements was really useful and allowed all participants to get a fully customised experience. We were most impressed by the responsiveness and support of the Ticklio team. They were always available for any questions and when we got “stuck”, they provided quick solutions and guided us through every step.

Overall, we are very happy with the Ticklio ticketing system we have used for our matches. This platform has certainly helped to improve our ticketing and event management experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Ticklio to anyone looking for an efficient, reliable and flexible ticketing solution for events.

Thank you to the Ticklio team for their excellent work and innovative solution!

KK Ilirija

Luka Vončina

The professional attitude and excellent product of the Ticklio team encouraged us to decide to establish “ticketing” in KK Ilirija this season. The system is very easy to use and offers excellent functionality for organizing matches and events.

FK Siliko

Boštjan Erčulj

We at Siliko Futsal Club decided it was time for a professional ticketing system and among the various providers we chose Ticklio.

Ticklio is suitable for both small and large event organisers. The system is simple and efficient, adapting to the wishes of and needs of different events, it is constantly being upgraded and the staff is always available. If Ticklio seemed like a lot of work at the beginning, it has now turned out to save a lot of time and worry. In addition, the system has been well received by our visitors.

Thank you to our employees for all your patience and kindness, even when we called you on Sundays or at impossible hours. In short, we highly recommend Ticklio to everyone, who would like to have order and peace of mind when selling the various tickets. Thank you Ticklio.

Boštjan Erčulj